Writers coming up this summer season that remains…

Hello to you.  Hello.  My name is Miss Constance Gutkowsky, The Good Ear Review administrator.  Yes…”Miss.”  I am not yet married.  I hope to marry one day, to meet my prince.  Yes, it has been a long wait.  And many disappointments.  My dance card has hardly been filled at socials and cotillions, I admit.  But that should not mar my chances of marital bliss.  Or my willingness to oblige in the duties and responsibilities of wife and housekeeper.  I’m not dead yet, you know.  There could be a change in the wind.  A sea change.  A change in temperature.  A change.  I’m not dead, you know.

Might I point out that summer is nearing its end?  And there are more contributing writers with monologues to come during this summer season.  Before the autumn season begins, summer season must end.  This is true.

Pardon?  Did one of you say “Now I can see why she’s still alone?”  Did you?

Please look for these monologues by fine writers through the remainder of this season of summer:  Georgina Rycyk (UK), Philip Kaplan & Stephanie Walter (USA), James McLindon (USA), Megan Lohne (USA), Claire Balfour (New Zealand), and Alan Stolzer (USA).

The “UK” stands for the United Kingdom, the “USA” stands for the Independent Colony States Apart from the United K.  “New Zealand” stands for New Zealand.

Please, Miss Gutkowsky, might I interrupt to announce to you that tea is ready?  And there is someone on the other end of the tin can with string that would like to speak to you into it.

Yes, McCluster, I shall come forthwith.

Well, I trust you know what to do now.  Read the monologues.  Do.  They appear on The Good Ear Review every Monday, traditionally.  Like it is traditional for a lady to marry.  Sometimes tradition is broken.  I’m not referring to myself but to the monologue day.  Why are you staring at me?

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