You can dance if you want to … Writers to watch for in this autumnal season of Autumn.

There is reason to dance—heat from hot, hot summer is at its end and Autumn begins anew … like something new all over again. A wonderful time of year where all beautiful things die by turning a glorious colour of fire and red … bits that were once green shall perish! Tree leaves will fall down (hence the American seasonal term “Fallen”) and turn brown and need to be sorted by gardeners and bin bags. Such beauty! Can you smell it?! I can … smell it all … and then some! Such a fine time. The autumn time of dying and decay and the terror of Halloween when children beat other children in order to steal their sweets or gooses-getting-fat or the only possession they ever valued in this world. Yes. Autumn! Put another penny in the old man’s—

Oh, good—here is the list of playwrights to look for on The Good Ear Review in this autumn-like season of Autumn: Vivien Jones (Scotland), Patrick Kinsella (Ireland), Jaki McCarrick (Ireland), Samantha Randall (England), Heather Jeffery (England), Jacqueline Strawbridge (Ireland), Jack Gilhooley (USA), Phil Emery (England), Annie Zaidi (India). Read them, please. Read all of them. For they will come. Thank you for listening to me.  Not many people do.

— Urchin!  My slippers!

I have to go.

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