Upcoming writers in this, the bleak mid-winter…

Insignificance McCluster, General Dogsbody

Beware, beware! Take shelter! We are hurling toward the bleak mid-winter. Yes, we are. Now that Christian Christmas season is at a close and the New Year rings loud with its bells and cacophony. It is indeed mid-winter-esque, as you can plainly see.

But it need not be bleak! No!

I’m sorry—I was loud. (sotto) Nooo.

There are lovely bits of writing to make your mid-to-late winter as toasty and pleasing as a warm hand muff made of dead fox or some other swift and beautiful animal. You can expect to be reading monologues by the likes of Atar Hadari (UK), Jon Spano (USA), Yolanda Nieves (USA), Alistair Hewitt (UK), Niamh Bagnell (Ireland), Tracy Harris (UK), Carla Grauls (UK/South Africa), Colin Garrow (UK), Elaine Romero (USA), and Bill Cameron (USA).


I don’t have anything more to say.

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