by Marijana Cosic

Setting:     Children playground in the local park

Time:        Daytime

Character: BUNNY-BOY, 28 years old

A silent girl is playing in the sand somewhere in the back of the playground. She is building a sandcastle and she doesn’t take notice of her surroundings. Centre stage is BUNNY-BOY, with rabbit ears attached to his head, a puffy bunny tail to his bum, he plays randomly with playground’s attributes.


I have been a furry for a while… (looks at the silent girl) Unfortunately my girlfriend over there is not. Which is hard… (sighs) yeah…

(Looks right, left. Speaks in confidence.)

You know what a furry means? No? Yes? …It’s a fetish… a silly game… sure it is. Although, it depends sometimes. I’m a human, that’s obvious. But my character is a white rabbit, my so called animal spirit. I don’t have a full suit you know, but I have 3 tails and a set of ears, all handmade. Kind of proud of it… And I don’t really participate in the furry culture, but… I am one. (sarcastically, annoyed) And no, I am not a giant muscular man-beast in the body of fat 30-year-old living in your parent’s basement.

(Looks at the girl.)

I want to tell her but damn it, don’t know how… You see her? Such a beautiful creature, isn’t she? Right there…love of my life… playing… Maybe if her mom was an animal rights activist, then it would be like…politically correct…and…she could like accept me…or…

(Grins, imagines.)

She would look great in fur… as a huge sexy Fox. I bet she’d like that.

Should I just tell her?

I think she just doesn’t want to be known as the girl going out with the freak… Few of people at my work told me it could turn out that way… No worries, I was smart enough to tell them a story about a “friend of mine.”


And NO, I couldn’t ever imagine finding Bugs Bunny sexually attractive. That’s like finding a second cousin sexually attractive.

(Shrugs his shoulders.)

And yes, I’m prepared to be called a “Furvert”. Have you heard that one? I’ve heard pretty much everything you can call me… 

Should I tell her now?

You know, there are some really weird furries hanging around. I know this guy, who thinks he’s some kind of a wolf. So, okay, whatever you would think, but he called himself “Butterwolf”! HA! How crappy is that? “Butterwolf”…

(Laughs sarcastically.)

Sounds like some brand of pancake syrup. Oh, not to mention furries who make up those silly names like wolffly. W.T.F.? An itty bitty tiny wolfflyin’ around nipping you with it’s itty bitty teeth? No thanks, I’m more afraid of flies than I am of syrup. And the thought of a flying wolf scares the heck out of me.

(Looks at her again.)

Is it time?

We have known each other for so long. I am afraid she will walk away… Hell, everybody hops away eventually, isn’t that right?


It’s more like a costume play, you know. It’s more about dressing up. For example, my girlfriend, she loves costume parties. I think she would make a great cat! She often makes “Meow” sounds, yes she does! I sometimes joke about her being like a cat, lazing around the house, sleeping whenever she wants, demanding food… I am going to tell her. We have been living (counts in his head) for almost a year together, isn’t that something, ey?

Maybe I could tell her now…

(Scratches his head, remembers something.)

Although, there was this one time when we were drunk… Okay, this was way before we moved in and before I bought a set of ears and a tail to “blend in” when I traveled to these furry conventions… anyhow…

We were both REALLY drunk, at least I was, and I had my stuff left out all over the house from an event I went to earlier that day. My drunk self decided to put a set of my bunny ears and tails as a joke and it somehow went from that, to both of us wearing fluffy ears and puffy tails having most animalistic…best…sex…ever. You know, with sweat and everything…Oh wait, animals can’t sweat…erm, anyhow…

Then I woke up next morning…

We never mentioned it… Maybe she actually figured it out…and is scared to death she’ll have to take me in as a pet. Don’t know. We are planning on getting married soon, yup. We even have a tabby cat.

Should I tell her?

(The silent girl’s sandcastle collapses.)

copyright © 2010 Marijana Cosic. All rights reserved. _________________________________________________

Marijana Cosic is a senior student of dramaturgy at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Next to her profession as a playwright and screenwriter, she is an author of two photography exhibitions, translator of Dutch and does volunteer work at various theatre and film festivals.

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