You are welcome.  There is no need to thank me.  Really.

So many fine people have asked us, “When will you place your website on the actual world wide web of the internet rather than on a piece of parchment tacked to a utility pole?”

And so we have heeded the call.  Hence the website in this 21st century we know as … the 21st century.  Just in time for our review’s 147th anniversary.

The Good Ear Review is a dramatist’s literary journal.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.

We are dedicated to the publishing of original stand-alone monologues by quality writers of many lands.  Monologues that are not only enjoyable to watch and/or listen to, but equally enjoyable to read.  And read again.

Whether it be drama or comedy or anywhere in between—you, dear reader, will become deeply acquainted with deftly drawn characters—they will resonate with you, they will challenge you.  In worlds familiar and strange.

All we provide for you is the who, where, and when.  The characters will guide you through the rest.

We will be publishing new monologues from time to time—archiving them as new pieces are posted—so that your favourite monologues need never disappear from The Good Ear Review.

Again, there is no need to thank me.  Really.  You are most welcome.

With the greatest of regard,

Tristram Sig-2

[Sir] Tristram Stjohn Bexindale-Webb



I must interrupt, Sir.  I must!  I am a-flutter and palpitating quite severely!  We are now accepting monologue submissions.  Oh won’t you please read the submission guidelines and follow instructions carefully—otherwise staff members will be very cross with me and hang me by the legs again.  In the cupboard.  Where it is dark.

Sorry to interrupt.  I cannot contain myself.  I am troubled.




The Good Ear Review contact email:  info@thegoodearreview.com