The following are monologues that are published on this website:

Garden of Crows by Brian Beatty
Steve, bitter and worn from disappointment, aims to control the outside forces of nature…for just a little peace and quiet.

Liora (God’s Gift of Light to Me) by Kimberly Mercado
Liora reflects on a complicated relationship—its ending likely saves her life.

Modigliani’s Muse by Norman A. Bert
Security guard Pete is fascinated by a museum visitor, who in turn is fascinated by a Modigliani painting.

The Red Head by Deidre Dowling
Joanna Hiffernan, artist Whistler’s model and lover, waits for his arrival at his studio on Christmas Eve. But will he show up?

Acts of Reconciliation by Dick Curran
David is an impromptu and overly conscientious confessor of sins at a Catholic in Newcastle.

Steel Roses by Michael Monkhouse
Teenager Seymour world through the boy’s angst-ridden prism.

excerpt from The Shining Path by Rahila Gupta
Scientist Candida struggles with being photographed for a publication…

excerpt from Family Ties by Susan Hodgetts
1927. A brothel in Paris. Viviana remembers a love long lost.

Empathy in the Rape Farm by Nathaniel Kressen
Racine processes a bizarre dream that reflects her bizarre circumstances.

Alleluia by Claire Booker
Middle-aged Bridget prepares for a dose of excitement outside of her stale marriage.

The Restaurateur by Les Hunter
A young eastern Indian chef shares his secrets to getting by in life.

Where’s the Blitzkrieg? by Ethan Kanfer
Psychotherapist Beryl faces patient transference. But who is experiencing the transfer of feelings…Beryl or her patient?

On the Window Ledge by Ella Carmen Greenhill
Holly, slipping away, regrets the triviality of her last words.

Griselda by Richard Ballon
Eva’s Croatian mother lingers long after she is dead. And lingers, and lingers.

The Loser by Kim Wiltshire
41-year-old Tom, on his birthday, is one year older but hardly the wiser.

Her Career Talk by Natalie Smith
University careers counselor, Cynthia, may be too self-absorbed to give the best advice.

Bunny-Boy by Marijana Cosic
A young man is reluctant to let his girlfriend know of his consuming fettish.

Eariwig by Ann Harvie
A middle-aged home helper tries to her doctor how the Eariwig saps her energy and mind.

The Perfectionist by Katherine Burkman
Roger is a perfectionist. Why can’t everyone else be as well?

I’m Fine by Kate Berneking Kogut
Annie is still haunted by the actions of her husband many years ago.

Revelations by Lucas J.W. Johnson
Satan has a bone to pick with what some call The Almighty.

Deep Inside, Far Below by Judy Darley
Post-partum depression grips a new mother.

Yearning by Lee Sutton
The steps leading to where he is now makes perfect sense to Terry…

Jets by Celine Gibson
A moving portrait of an elderly woman and her getting on in life.

Grey Owl by Kevin McCann
Part Native American entertainer prepares for his show with a heavy heart.

excerpt from His Brown Recliner by Taylor Gould
A middle-aged man explains to his wife why he’s been behaving maniacally.

Paradiso by Rob McClure Smith
At a Mid-Western gentlemen’s club, exotic dancer Christabel passes on advise to her successor.

Public Speaking by William Cameron
A university student contends with the terror of her public speaking presentation.

The Ash People by Catherine Harvey
Gravely ill Paul remembers his last trip to Pompeii and its ash people.

Nobody in Particular by Elaine Romero
John discovers the more distant a woman is, the more he wants her.

Nick by Colin Garrow
A man grapples with his dread of crowds, public places, and people in general.

Confessions from a Rainbow Nation by Carla Grauls
Social injustice through the eyes of a South African Zulu man.

One Time by Tracy Harris
A realistic depiction of Cardiff nightlife…

One of the Days by Niamh Bagnell
Daphne tries to find peace in a bizarre and chaotic house.

Spending Frank by Alistair Hewitt
Anna’s obsession with wanting a baby overtakes her.

How Do You Say Orange at the Border? by Yolanda Nieves
A Hispanic woman recalls her father’s encounters with bigotry.

Excerpt from The Poetry of Cars by Jon Spano
The late Pulitzer prize-winning poet Anne Sexton visits a troubled writer.

First Born by Atar Hadari
Bluesman Robert Johnson recounts the night his baby was born.

Names For Things That Sound Like Home by Shannon Murdoch
Oscar’s anxiety about moving in with his girlfriend takes on existentialist proportions.

Intisar by Tom Coash
A young African-American woman explains the importance of her faith in the wake of 9/11’s authority-driven bigotry.

Jail Time Sober by Tami Canaday
Nancy must cope with her forced sobriety.

Knit One, Purl One by Crystal Stewart
Alice shares a glimpse of her life on the streets of Manchester, England.

Gypsy by Lynn Snyder
A young woman’s future hangs in the balance when an unopened letter is intercepted by her mother.

Lunch Hour by Annie Zaidi
Malti anticipates the lunch hour from her back-breaking work…

Identity Crisis by Phil Emery
The complex character “Night”—human or superhero? For good or for evil?

excerpt from The Warrior by Jack Gilhooley
A female soldier tries to quell her trauma while being the subject of a documentary.

Eggshell by Jacqueline Strawbridge
A glamourous woman’s grand entrance is continuously marred.

Clinging to the Rock Face by Heather Jeffery
A woman suffering from Alzheimer’s copes with the phantoms that she hears in her home.

Exquisite With Knives by Sam Randall
Susan relays her unbridled enthusiasm for butchery to her training staff.

excerpt from Kindred by Jaki McCarrick
Eoghan’s father Heber Harnett enchanted all his children with the strange story of “the field of hands.”  Eoghan discovers the disturbing story written by his father.

excerpt from Chalks by Patrick D. Kinsella
Beautiful and pathologically confident Grace tries her level best to seduce the art studio’s apprentice.

Sister by Vivien Jones
Compulsive shop-lifter Marie may be facing her final criminal act.

Spin by John Grogan
Helen sees no need to spell out the truth behind her husband’s recent death.

Mrs. Killebrew Confesses by Alan Stolzer
The no-nonsense Mrs. Killebrew sells her wares.

Love in Dark Corners by Claire Balfour
A pint-swilling lad gives a crash course on picking up women.

Positive Thievery by Megan Lohne
Resilient Ada, 14, rehearses her science fair presentation while coping with a family tragedy.

Wedding Sermon by James McLindon
A cynical Catholic priest who just may be presiding over his last wedding sermon.

Baby Bell by Philip Kaplan and Stephanie Walter
Dan’s only obstacle to getting help is a precocious child.

Like a Rolling Stone by Georgina Rycyk
James, an incorrigible show-off, ponders his final folly.

The First Lady of American Theatre by Robert Michael Morris
An aging actress nearing the end of her career cannot comprehend the adoration of Helen Hayes, the first lady of American Theatre.

Punch by Alistair Hewitt
A 17-year old girl has every strong reason to leave her boyfriend … but will she?

The Quincy and Antoinette Kraczlic Variety Show by John Hadden
Quincy tries in vain to get his double act started … with or without his wife Antoinette.

The Wedding Plan by Penny Brandt Jackson
Nell’s wedding plans conflict with her bizarre alternative upbringing.

Breaking Point by Laura Camaione
An interrogator at Guantanamo faces himself squarely as his faith is tested.

Mr. Right by Jonathan Joy
Denise believes she may have finally found her perfect match after a string of non-starters.

Every Part of the Animal by Joshua Mikel
Two boys endure a shocking and hard lesson taught by their difficult father.

Gracie by Doug Dolcino
Cleaning woman Mrs. Rasp remembers what it was like to work with her daughter Gracie, as her own loneliness seeps through.

Hopper and Pete at High Noon by Dwight Watson
A poignant look into a young father and son’s relationship.

Why Am I Getting Married Again? by Claire Balfour
A very tipsy Susie wonders where her friends have gone from her hen party as she reasons away her big choice.

The Edge by Kyle Bradstreet
Sean, fed up with the office drone life, makes an unexpected life choice.

Trent Loves Deeply by K.D. Halpin
Trent—a 15-inch doll—tries to woo a fully grown human woman with his resistible charm.

Daddy’s Girl by Con Chapman
A high-strung mother pushes her daughter’s talents while coping with an errant husband.

excerpt from She Who Struggles by LaTonia Phipps
Rita defiantly copes with being the outsider in the wake of domestic turbulence.

excerpt from Quiet Bed by Michael Weems
Technology meets the long distance relationship.

The Emily Shaw Story (a pre-eulogy) by Wayne Paul Mattingly
A middle-aged man recalls a memory of his dying father.

Ronald and I by Donald Steele
Regarding growth in romantic relationships, protagonist Emily has it all figured out.

W.F.C. by Eric Holmes
A gritty look into a 16-year-old boy’s Arizona life …

The Weight of Glass by Benjamin Adair Murphy
Ernie offers a glimpse into the life of a waiter in an upscale restaurant.

Scene on a Train by Erin Austin
A jilted young woman’s vivid fantasy of comeuppance.

Organ Failure by Andrew Biss
The “Other Woman” attends the funeral of her deceased (and married) lover.

excerpt from The Broccoli Incident by John Clancy
Do we really know ourselves and the ones we love?

On Calton Hill by John McCann
Jamesy desperately tries to reach out to his estranged young daughter.

The Photography Sitting by K.D. Halpin
A late 19th century portrait photographer grapples with what may indeed be his last sitting.

I’m a Good Man by Daragh Carville
A married man tries to explain to an Eastern European prostitute that he’s not the usual punter.

The Debate of Luck by K.D. Halpin
Suzette argues that there is indeed such a thing as good and bad luck.