Constance Gutkowsky
Administrator and token immigrant

Miss Gutkowsky deals with email as it comes, when it comes.  Pencils are sharpened and inkwells are filled.  She liaisons with our writers.  Others are threatened by her due to her severe efficiency.  She finishes sentences for you.

Patience Maryanne Standish

Patience Maryanne Standish
International Affairs & Economics

Miss Standish is our international envoy.  She is at expert level in Morse code and the Aldis lamp.  When she isn’t mastering the semaphore flag signaling system, she is researching webby things and transmitting our website from parchment to HTMLesque ways.

Insignificance McCluster

Insignificance McCluster
General Dogsbody

Even though Miss McCluster is our dogsbody and multi-tasker, we try to keep her to butter-churning and the baking of molasses bread.  Her inability to successfully juggle tasks simultaneously has invited the office nickname “McCluster Fuck.”



K.D. Halpin, contributing editor/writer

K.D. Halpin is an Irish/American playwright and prose writer.  Plays co-authored with Sleeveless Theatre include Womb for Rent, The F Word, War: the Mini-Series, and Emily Unplugged—and toured to the Organic Lab Theatre, Chicago;  Trustus Theatre, South Carolina;  The Public Theatre’s New Writing Festival, New York City;  Hartford Stage, Connecticut;  Women’s Theatre Festival, Philadelphia, PA;  WOW Café Theatre, New York City, among others.  Her plays Weird Without Apology and Sin Eaters have been produced and stage-read, respectively, at the Old Museum Arts Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  A teacher of improvisation, character development, solo performing, and physical theatre for many years, Halpin holds a post-graduate degree in Creative Writing from Queen’s University Belfast.


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