Mr. Fezziwig’s All-Night Rave

It is that time of year where madness ensues.  The wild pulsating rhythm of harps and fiddles that drives the dance floor utterly mental.  The snuff.  The mistletoe.  Wassail.  Punch mixture.  Handkerchiefs.  Mental.

Since 1835, Fezziwig’s holiday all-nighters have brought merry.  And have turned all unassuming party guests from this:

(Sir) Tristram Stjohn Bexindale-Webb

to this:

Stocious, Legless, Paralytic, Arsefaced

The Good Ear Review wishes you a very high-spirited holiday season.*

* Editor-in-Chief (Sir) Tristram Stjohn Bexindale-Webb begs you to please rave responsibly.